TMCnet: Deltapath and Dolby Boosting UC Quality for 6 Months and Counting

Deltapath specializes in solutions that unite different communication platforms, audio and video equipment, telephones, desktops, and mobile devices to make communication accessible and intuitive. The company provides technology for collaboration, UCaaS, contact center, virtual workforce, virtual meetings, mobility, voice and video recording as well as call billing.

Deltapath’s inTeam application extends push-to-talk services to smartphones and tablets to provide another communication channel that offers one-touch, instant connectivity to one person or a group of people in time-sensitive and critical situations.

Deltapath’s Acute application, ensures healthcare institutions continue to deliver on their mission, increases operational efficiency, improves patients’ quality of care, and positively impacts job satisfaction for healthcare professionals.

Earlier this year, Deltapath announced a relationship with Dobly Voice.

“A decade ago, Deltapath was one of the first in the industry to bring HD voice and video to everyday business communications,” stated David Liu (pictured above), Deltapath’s Founder & Chief Executive Officer. “We have taken another big step forward to fill the gaps that are crippling communication and collaboration such as the inability to exchange information with customers from a noisy street, hear a person speaking from the back of a room when on speaker, and navigate conversations when voices overlap. Working with Dolby helps us deliver an exceptional experience in all of these scenarios by incorporating Dolby Voice and integrating the Dolby Conference Phone. Our new product line solves the longstanding communication and collaboration problems and answers the new demands of the ever-changing and increasingly mobile workplace.”

We wanted to learn how the collaboration has gone and had an exclusive interview with David Liu.

How has the response to the news been?

Deltapath’s partnership has been well-received. The press release alone was picked up by New York Times and Bloomberg, and editorial coverage from No Jitter. Channel partners were widely impressed with the partnership and see great differentiation with other UC vendors. In particular, they see Deltapath having a first-mover advantage being the first UC company to partner with Dolby and the first company to integrate the Dolby Voice codec into its end-to-end solution.

To gain more awareness of the partnership and to enlighten a huge audience about the problems this partnership would solve in the communication and collaboration space, we launched Spotlight 2019 in San Francisco, California followed by a multi-country Asia tour covering 11 major cities.

Are there any specific customer types embracing this more than others?

Communication and collaboration is at the heart of every relationship – business or personal. As a result, this partnership with Dolby was entered into by Deltapath so that we could improve communication and collaboration for everyone.

Companies that have offices in different geographical locations are often eager to harmonize their teams so they feel like they are all part of one company. Deltapath with Dolby Voice allows team members in different location feel like they are all in the same room with full room pickup of anyone’s voice, surround sound, and crystal clear audio while obliterating things like voice overlap so everyone is always heard. Users can truly be communicating anytime and anywhere regardless of their environmental condition and will still sound professional.

Because the workplace has transformed over the years into working anywhere at any time verses just from an office or at one’s desk, workers who take business calls anywhere from a subway platform or in front of a construction site, really appreciate the noise cancellation experience that is offered by the Dolby Voice codec on our mobile app. If both the caller and recipient are using Deltapath’s mobile app for their calls, they experience even more benefits from the Dolby Voice codec.

Dolby’s existing customers who already use the Dolby Conference Phone with Dolby Voice for their audio conference calls now have the opportunity to transform their conference phone into a fully operating phone that can make outbound calls and receive inbound calls.

Would all calls benefit from Dolby sound?

Yes, all calls benefit even PSTN.

Callers using the Deltapath mobile app to call into a Dolby Conference Phone will receive all that Dolby Voice has to offer – crystal clear audio, surround sound, noise cancellation, full room pickup, and no voice overlap.

Similarly, calls from Deltapath mobile app to another Deltapath mobile app user will receive all that Dolby Voice has to offer.

Other endpoint brands like Cisco or Avaya profit when they call into a Dolby Conference Phone or the Deltapath mobile app – they experience the noise cancellation feature curtesy of Dolby Voice.

Are there any drawbacks to this new partnership with Dolby for customers (more bandwidth needed per call, etc.?)

No, In fact, the average bandwidth consumption is less than G.722

Average bandwidth consumption: upload 12.46 kbps / Download 47.71 kbps

Dolby Voice kicks in automatically regardless of the type of call you are placing (PSTN, internal, speaker mode, conference)

This is all exciting news for the US market and one day soon we can hopefully expect all UC to be movie-theatre quality.


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