Healthcare and Technology: YouTube Interview of a Hospital’s Problems and Solutions

Healthcare and Technology: YouTube Interview of a Hospital’s Problems and Solutions

By Shirmattie Seenarine | January 8, 2024

In the intricate healthcare landscape, the synergy between cutting-edge technology and seamless communication is the linchpin for delivering exceptional patient care. The transformative journey of Chong Hua Hospital (CHH) reflects this truth vividly, brought to light in a compelling video interview featuring hospital staff members.

The interview dives into the visceral challenges CHH staff and patients face – an unreliable phone system, and the need for new innovative technology solutions and communication tools. Yet, amid these hurdles, CHH’s unwavering commitment to elevating patient well-being is unmistakable.

While unraveling their challenges, the hospital outlines how Deltapath, a Unified Communications (UC) company, became the catalyst for change. Through Deltapath the following is achieved:

    • The implementation of a telehealth solution emerges as a forerunner of accessibility, bridging the gap for patients unable to physically access healthcare services.
    • An Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) emerges as a silent hero, orchestrating patient tasks efficiently without the need for direct human interaction.
    • The meticulous monitoring of call queues that yield vital metrics like wait times and call abandonment works to help CHH reduce these metrics, revolutionizing the patient experience and fostering an environment conducive to enhanced care.
    • The implementation of a comprehensive SIP Unified Communications system also enforces interoperability, enabling various brands of devices to operate cohesively.
    • The integration with ubiquitous communication tools like Teams and IP Phones ushers CHH into the forefront of innovative healthcare technology.


In the wake of this narrative, the message is clear: revolutionizing your communication and technology helps to revolutionize healthcare.


While many organizations are finally tailoring their solutions to healthcare, Deltapath has been servicing the healthcare industry for years. Discover how Deltapath improves patient engagement, operational efficiency, collaboration between healthcare staff, and integration with healthcare systems such as nurse call systems. Let Deltapath find a solution to your healthcare challenges.

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