Effortlessly Merge Two Audio Conference

Unlocking the Power of Conference Calls in Modern Work Environments

In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving professional landscape, the significance of audio conference calls cannot be overstated. These virtual gatherings have become a cornerstone of communication and collaboration within organizations, catering to the diverse needs of modern workplaces. Whether in remote and hybrid work arrangements or the broader spectrum of professional collaboration, conference calls are pivotal in fostering connectivity, productivity, and adaptability. However, organizations often run into issues when trying to merge two audio conference calls.

The Challenge of Merging Two Audio Conference Calls

No matter which conference platform your business relies on, merging calls to create a conference is a breeze. But when it comes to connecting two active independent conferences, things get complicated. For many, it’s simply not possible due to platform limitations. Merging may involve entering conference IDs and performing numerous steps. The complexity of this process has made merging conferences unattainable for most organizations. These challenges call for user-friendly and adaptable solutions in the fast-paced world of collaboration.

Changing the Landscape of Audio Conferencing: Enter Deltapath’s UC Platform

Deltapath has introduced a way for organizations to effortlessly merge two conference calls. Plus, merged conferences can be split, offering another critical conferencing feature to organizations.

What is Conference Splitting?

In merging two conference calls, “conference splitting” is the process of separating one audio conference and its participants from the second conference. Splitting facilitates more focused and intimate discussions. After discussions in the two conference calls conclude, with permission, a conference host can rejoin the other conference to continue discussion, resulting in a structured and productive audio-conferencing experience in a few simple steps.

Merging Two Conferences: A Vital Component of Everyday Operations

For companies where merging conference calls is necessary, Deltapath’s feature for connecting independent conferences is groundbreaking.

Consider talent agencies, where agents and their clients regularly collaborate with other agents, casting directors, producers, and industry professionals. Merging two group conferences allows everyone to discuss terms and conditions, split the call to privately dissect numbers, and connect and split as many times as needed – all without numerous complex steps.

Now, picture a technology company in the final stages of developing a complex software product. The quality assurance (QA) team identifies a critical issue that requires input from the engineering team, who happen to be on a team conference call. Instead of having everyone in one conference disconnect only to be added to another conference, a simple click of a button merges two separate conference calls, fostering better collaboration and faster issue resolution between the teams. But talent agencies and tech companies are just some organizations and industries that can benefit from this capability. Here are others:

Consulting Firms: Consultants often work with clients in various locations, and merging conference calls enables them to connect multiple project teams, making consultations and information sharing more efficient.

Healthcare: In the medical field, merging conference calls facilitates multi-disciplinary team meetings, enhancing patient care, fostering breakthroughs, and streamlining administrative tasks.

Government and Public Sector: Government agencies use merged conference calls for inter-agency collaborations, public hearings, and citizen engagement forums. Connecting different audio conferences simplifies information-sharing and decision-making processes, ensuring smoother governance.

Deltapath’s innovation isn’t just exciting; it’s a game-changer for organizations across industries, making multigroup calls achievable and streamlining the process like never before. Master the art of merging and splitting conferences to stay ahead in the dynamic world of modern collaboration. If you use audio conferencing, you will never again have to execute complicated steps and still experience disappointment when you have no success merging two conference calls. You also will never have to ask all the participants of one conference to disconnect so you can add them to your existing conference.

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