Deltapath’s Acute solution sparked quite a lot of interest on Feb.14th at the SYNNEX ICT Expo held at the Shibuya Hikarie venue. The crowd in front of our booth within the Healthcare Solution zone continued to grow as we demonstrated our Acute hospital communication system.

Our Founder and CEO, David Liu, as well as our Country Manager for Japan, Tom Okuda, presented our Deltapath Acute solution and showed how it’s revolutionizing communication in the healthcare industry by integrating with Carecom’s nurse calling system along with LEAD’s panic value alert system.

Out of 6 presentations that were shown during the event (two of them being Microsoft and Google), 87% of the audience gave us an excellent presentation score which meant that Deltapath’s presentation was rated as number one! We are humbled and appreciative to our audience for their votes. We are also pleased that President and CEO of SYNNEX Infotec, TJ Trojan, took the time to meet up with us during the show

Below are some photos taken during the event.


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