Connecting You and Your Loved Ones this Mid-Autumn Festival

October 4th marks the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2017 according to the Chinese lunar calendar. This festival is also known as the Moon Festival due to the moon being at its fullest and brightest during this time. The festival is the second grandest festival in China after Chinese New Year, and marks a time when the ancient Chinese would express their gratitude to the moon and celebrate a bountiful harvest.

During the festival, families join together to appreciate the bright full moon, eat moon cake, and reminisce on family and friends that are living abroad. Many famous ancient poets would write about the moon and express their homesickness. Moon cakes are delicious pastries that have an egg yolk in the center that represents the full moon. The full moon was often used as a symbol of family reunion in Chinese culture, and therefore due to the moon cakes round form, they symbolize the reunion with and togetherness of family. Eating these pastries evokes a sense of nostalgia for relatives and friends that live abroad.

You might be wondering, what does this holiday have to do with Deltapath?

Deltapath was born out of a need to keep in touch and stay connected with family members while our CEO, David Liu, was studying abroad. Like the ancient poets, the feeling of homesickness really hits home. With Deltapath enabling video and audio endpoints, it’s now easy for families to reunite using any device and allow everyone to celebrate with each other face-to-face in any location during this holiday.  Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the beauty and wonder of the full moon!

We take great pride in being able to connect families and create memorable experiences for everyone. To all, we wish you a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival!


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