Dolby and Deltapath Engage Event Attendees to Make Their Event Memorable Spotlight 2019: Part Two

It’s not often that events are remembered because of the impact speakers have on their audience. To make your event more memorable and engaging, it is important to supercharge things. One way to do this is by offering networking opportunities, which allow attendees to get the most value out of an event.

At Spotlight 2019, guests checked into the event and immediately proceeded to Happy Hour where they enjoyed drinks, finger foods, and connected with the people
around them.

At the next event, Dolby and Deltapath might want to take it up a notch. Perhaps a mixology class may be introduced at future events.  Attendees can learn how to mix a drink, help the person next to them mix a drink, and enjoy their own creations along the way!

Networking was further encouraged through the use of the venue’s space. A Dolby experience booth was setup that allowed attendees to experience and learn about Dolby’s video conferencing solution, Dolby Voice Room. The intentional use of space was clever. The experience booth not only brought a new experience to the table, it held attendees’ attention, and also gave them another way to develop new connections.

Deltapath staff setup a boutique where attendees could meet staff and shop. There was an enticing catch to the shopping experience – everything was free.  Event attendees received everything from mugs to ear buds. They even had the opportunity to try on and walk away with rain jackets. Come rain or shine, these attendees will not have to seek shelter in their new Deltapath jackets.

Lastly, Deltapath provided a banner that gave attendees the opportunity to take pictures, sign their names, and share their event experience. Attendees were given social media hashtags to foster interaction during the event in yet another way.

Remember, events are only memorable if you make them memorable. What will your event organizers do at your next event?


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