Acute Cloud

Healthcare of the Future

What Is It?

Acute cloud is an application that helps healthcare institutions around the world deliver on their mission to save lives, increase operational efficiency, improve patients’ quality of care, and positively impact job satisfaction for healthcare professionals.

How Does It Work?

Acute integrates with healthcare systems such as nurse call systems, and leverages technology and mobile phones to create the hospital of the future that can scale to cope with the aging population crisis, routine patient care, and unexpected critical events.

Deltapath’s cloud solution, which allows companies to privately host on their own network is ideal for healthcare institutions that do not have internet in order to safeguard private, but also valuable healthcare information. Our cloud solution offers flexibility to a host of other industries including, but not limited to financial and government institutions that must remain compliant with laws and industry regulations that prevent them from moving their PSTN and PBX services to the cloud.

Who Does It Benefit?

With Acute, everyone benefits. Look at what Acute can do for your hospital, nursing home, or assisted-living facility.

Anytime a nurse call button is pressed, healthcare professionals receive the patient’s medical records and the patient’s current request directly on their mobile phones. Healthcare professionals not only can improve patients’ quality of care by accurately assessing and responding to every patient’s needs faster, but medical errors can also be eliminated when information is delivered in real-time.

Acute fosters strong relationships between healthcare professionals and patients. Healthcare professionals speak directly with their patients each time a patient presses a nurse call button. Direct communication ensures that patients know help is on the way. In the interim, healthcare professionals can clearly establish a patient’s needs, deliver instructions, and offer supportive words to a patient.

Communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals is encouraged and supported. Acute allows healthcare professionals to adapt to any situation and environment in real-time.

Call other healthcare professionals in your facility and engage in a collaborative conversation or extend communication with video calling.

Silently communicate with other healthcare professionals through instant messaging when patient confidentiality may be compromised. Facilitate text messaging by attaching pictures.

Use Push-to-Talk to instantly speak with a group of healthcare professionals at a push of a button when a situation demands immediate attention and collaboration.

Create a culture of accountability and responsibility among team members and healthcare institutions. With Presence, healthcare professionals can set their Acute status to unavailable when they are busy and add a note that callers immediately see when trying to contact them.

Engage in proactive behavior instead of dealing with a problem when it pops up with the Panic Value system. The Panic Value system sends a notification to a group of healthcare professionals when it detects a patient may need immediate lifesaving treatment because one or more numbers in the patient’s lab report is below or exceeds the normal established limits. Healthcare professionals can check the patient’s lab numbers directly on their phone, acknowledge receipt of the notification, and promptly initiate treatment if needed.

Improve workflow and decrease the level of stress and exhaustion healthcare professionals experience on the job by reducing the number of steps they take to assist patients.

  • A patient’s location is always displayed on the phone so healthcare professionals can respond to calls in close proximity to their location.
  • Knowing the patient’s needs ahead of time means healthcare professionals can cut down on the number of trips they make to deliver care. Instead, staff can get the supplies they need on their way to the patient’s room without wasting time or energy.