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The Coronavirus has affected thousands of people across the world. Healthcare facilities are grappling with how to provide the best quality of care to Coronavirus patients as demands increase because of the outbreak.

The Deltapath Acute app leverages technology and mobile phones to help healthcare facilities scale seamlessly to adapt to unexpected critical events like the Coronavirus. Since healthcare professionals do not know all the factors surrounding Covid-19, regular communication and the sharing of information, best practices, and strategies within a medical facility and the entire medical community is critical. Here is how Acute can help:

  • Dolby Voice Technology
    • Provides crystal clear audio and noise cancellation technology for times when information sharing is critical
  • Increase the Effectiveness of Your Communication
    • Use Push-to-Talk to engage in instantaneous voice communication with a group of healthcare professionals in emergencies.
    • Improve communication and comprehension by holding video calls
    • Hold regular briefings and debriefings on an audio conference bridge with staff and other healthcare professionals in different geographical locations
    • Conduct audio conference calls between a patient, healthcare worker, and translator as needed
    • Encryption enforced on every communication channel.

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