Here at Deltapath we welcome those who are interested in testing out our apps prior to release. By becoming a beta tester, you can provide us with valuable insight and data so we can improve on any areas that can enhance user experience.

1. Purpose

The “Beta Test Program” enables authorized beta partners/customers of Deltapath to run beta testing of a beta version of a selected Deltapath software in advance of its official release in parallel to Deltapath’s internal QA testing.

The program would be beneficial for both the beta partners/customers and Deltapath specifically when the beta partners/customers run real customer case scenarios during their beta testing.

2. Process

2.1 Deltapath delivers the beta partners / customers a beta version of the targeted software together with a simplified beta release notes on the targeted software.

  • Delivery of a beta version of iOS based mobile apps will be made through the TestFlight.
  • Delivery of a beta version of Android based mobile apps will be made through Google Play using its beta version feature.
  • Delivery of server side software will require scheduling with Deltapath Support Team to remotely upgrade servers owned by the beta partners/customers to be used for the beta testing.

2.2 The beta partners/customers run their beta testing and open tickets when they found issues/bugs through Support Portal.

2.3 Deltapath handles tickets opened by the beta partners /customers same as regular bug reporting of the released software and treat them together based on the internal bug prioritization scheme.

2.4 Depending on the nature of bugs, Deltapath may, by its sole discretion, develop another beta version of the targeted software before the official release and provide the beta partners/customers with the updated beta software for their follow on beta testing.

3. Terms and Conditions

3.1 Timing of the delivery of a beta version of the targeted software will be decided at the sole discretion of Deltapath.

3.2 The beta release notes will only be available in English.

3.3 The beta partners/customers need to understand that the beta version of a software may include undetected bugs or issues as Deltapath’s internal QA testing will be in progress in parallel to the beta testing by the beta partners/customers.

3.4 Deltapath does not guarantee beta partners/customers to implement bug fixes, for the bugs they found during their beta testing, in the targeted software before its official release.

3.5 Deltapath may close the beta test period or release the production version at its own discretion without the preliminary notification and consent from the beta partners/customers.

3.6 Feature/enhancement requests raised by the beta partners/customers as the results of their beta testing won’t be implemented in the targeted software before the release of the targeted software.

Those requests will be evaluated by Deltapath and may be included in the new feature/enhancement development list for the future releases of the targeted software at the sole discretion of Deltapath.

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