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通過 Deltapath® 雲端解決方案幫助各種規模的機構戰略性地進行數碼轉型。

Many organizations are embarking on a digital transformation journey that promises to deliver new and enhanced ways to collaborate and communicate that will positively impact productivity. This movement is also powering cloud adoption as many organizations believe it is a necessary part of the journey that will impact their success, give them a competitive edge over their competitors, and get them closer to their goal of becoming a truly digital organization. At Deltapath, we help organizations of all sizes strategically and positively impact their digital transformation with our cloud solution.

Discover Why Deltapath Is A Trusted Cloud Service Provider



Deltapath’s proprietary technology is built from the ground up. That means we own the technology and we always have access to it. Our technology, which focuses on innovation, need, viability, and optimization has been maturing for over a decade. As a result, our technology is optimized for the cloud and optimized to operate over the public internet to help you implement, manage and support your communication needs.



Deltapath offers an all in one solution, which helps create simplicity by minimizing the need for multiple providers and experts to support the vision and goals of your company.


What Cloud Fits?

Deltapath’s cloud solution can be privately hosted on your network so you are in full control. It is an ideal solution for organizations that do not have internet due to security risks and those organizations that must remain compliant with laws and industry regulations that prevent them from moving data offsite. On-the-other-hand, organizations can choose to outsource their entire IT management needs and have all their cloud service needs provided by Deltapath.


Reduce and Simplify

Harnessing our cloud solution will reduce your infrastructure costs and simplify management so you can redirect your funds and resources towards transforming your business and remaining competitive.



We allow you to grow at your own pace and can accommodate fluctuations in your business. Compute and storage capacity are available anytime with our on-demand model so we are always ready for your ideas – big or small.


Data Sovereignty

Deltapath Cloud isolates your data to minimize security risks. There is no co-mingling of data because the database is never shared. This makes our cloud solutions ideal for organizations that must conform to data isolation requirements such as financial, healthcare, and government institutions.



Operational flexibility gives you more say on the software version you are running, configuration options, and scheduling upgrades so you can remain in compliance with your change management rules, guidelines set out by ISO, and other rules and regulations.



If you operate your network with MPLS or private leased circuits, you can benefit from our privately hosted cloud where all traffic flows within your network with minimal latency and service level guarantee resulting in better transmission speed of text, and better audio and video quality.


Availability and Monitoring

Our team is situated in the northern and eastern hemispheres, which allows Deltapath to monitor servers around the clock to provide you with 99.999% availability. Our cloud infrastructure is hosted in multiple continents connected via a premium network backbone.



Transmission Security

Your privacy is important that’s why Deltapath provides transport Layer Security (TLS) and Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) encryption on all forms of communication.

Infrastructure Security

Firewalls and intrusion detection protect our infrastructure while our systems are hardened with regular vulnerability scans and audits.

Toll Fraud Security

To mitigate toll fraud, Deltapath allows you to control which users have access to international calls and to what countries. Our global security department actively monitor for call patterns and prevents fraudulent charges.

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