Deltapath® inTeam

使用 Push-to-Talk 來促進即時協作

引入 Deltapath® inTeam 到智能手機和平板電腦,從而改變團隊的溝通方式。

Deltapath’s inTeam application extends push-to-talk services to smartphones and tablets to provide another communication channel that offers one-touch, instant connectivity to one person or a group of people in time-sensitive and critical situations.

Experience the Power of Efficiency

inTeam can help organizations in different industries realize significant savings, deal with the expected and unexpected fast, and improve workforce efficiency by increasing response time and productivity.

Education Industry

Ensuring the safety of students and faculty is an important task for all schools.

Hospitality Industry

Improve guest experience by instantly communicating with the right person or group.

Construction Industry

The ability to quickly convey changes in a construction project to the right people is critical to ensure time and money are not lost.

Incident Notifications & Alarms

Send a notification to a single device or numerous inTeam users in your organization. Both incident and alarm notifications are customizable so you decide when, why, who, and how often notifications are delivered to ensure they have maximum impact and drive inTeam users to action. inTeam users can also access a notifications history list and details in the inTeam app to further ensure security issues and emergencies are never missed.